Animation of MIR's fiery re-entry March 23, 2001
Fiery re-entry of MIR space station March 23, 2001

Tribute To MIR

MIR Space Station soars past the star Deneb

The Russian Space Station MIR was assembled in orbit from pieces launched from the Asian spaceport of Baikonur in Kazakstan, east of the Aral Sea, February 20, 1986. "MIR" is a Russian word meaning "peace" or "world."

After 15 years in orbit, which included a variety of science experiments, several visits from American astronauts -- via docked Space Shuttles, a collision with a supply ship that crippled the Station, an onboard fire that nearly destroyed MIR, and a means for paving the way for future missions like the International Space Station, the aging 140 ton MIR was powered down and sent on a fiery descent through Earth's atmosphere to crash into the South Pacific Ocean, March 23, 2001.

MIR's original mission was only to last five years.

The above maps show the location of where MIR splashed down in the South Pacific Ocean, around 1:00am, Eastern Standard Time, March 23, 2001

NASA's satellite tracking website displayed a good-bye salute to the venerable MIR Space Station on its last day in orbit.







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